Stonham HomeStay is a new service in Norfolk which started on 1st April 2007.

What is Stonham?

Stonham is a national organisation that provides housing and specialist support to people living in the community who need help to keep their home or who live in supported accommodation, such as a care home or hostel.

What is Stonham HomeStay?

Stonham HomeStay is an access point to services delivered in Norfolk which provide housing support to people who are at risk of losing their home or who need help to settle into or set up their new home. In the districts of Breckland, Broadland, King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, North Norfolk, Norwich and South Norfolk Stonham HomeStay provides the support service, and in the district of Gt. Yarmouth the support service is provided by 6 Support Agencies as follows:

HomeStay supports people who rent, have a mortgage or own their home and it is free and confidential.

The Key Aims of HomeStay are to provide housing support:

  • to help people to stay or settle in their home
  • to help people to access other specialist services
  • to help people to make positive links in their local community
  • information about the service we deliver in Norfolk to our funders and partners